Official Design Stand

Turn-key stand, an elegant and functional option in wood. It includes furniture and basic services as well as the electricity panel, minimum power and a parking card.

This option, only available from 12m2 onwards, includes own storage space and graphics. Basic elements have a fixed location, nevertheless, exhibitors are free to add their own decorative elements or hire them through the Organization, so the stand can be fully personalized.

Official Design Stand

Registration fee

55 €/m2 (10 % V.A.T)

  • Dossier opening, administration processing.
  • You are entitled to a reservation number, which will prioritize the allocation of your corresponding location.

Space rental

Tariffs: 241 €/m(+ 10 % V.A.T)

Booking a Official Design Stand previously requires the hiring of the space (Registration Fee and Space Rental check conditions) which includes the following:

  • The space reserved in m2. Minimum 12 m2.
  • Entitlement to stand assembly and dismantling.
  • Cleaning of the stand during the Fair.
  • 1 event invitation and 8 day invitations  per 2 m2 reserved.
  • 4 Exhibitor badges per stand up to 24 m2 an additional pass for every 12 m2 up to 100 m2.
  • 1 parking pass per each 50 m2.
  • Collective civil liability and fire insurance.
  • Electrical consumption and permanent power supply 24 h. Mandatory power supply 130 w/m2.
  • Entitlement to Business Center.
  • Entitlement of exhibition in the Innovation Area & Organic Exhibition Area.
  • Publication of news since the run-up of the Salon, as well as, activities to be developed during the celebration of the Salon Gourmets.
  • Access to the online exhibitor’s tool, which allows you to manage: the inclusion of the company and the participaing products in the official catalogue (invitations, registrations, Business Center...).


Check with the Organization the possibility of hiring / participate in sponsorships, Scenario Gourmets, wine tasting room, show cookings, social networks, Newsletters, magazine Club de Gourmets.

Corner supplement

  • 24,10 €/m2 – 1 Corner (2 sides open).
  • 48,20 €/m2 – 2 Corners (3 sides open).

The granting of corners is subject to the needs of distribution plans.

Equipment based on m2 booked

Tariffs: 165 €/m2(+ 10 % V.A.T)


  • Totem and counter will be placed according to technical needs of the location.
  • From 18 m2 on, the counter will always be placed on the wall of a greater width.
  • The modification of the structure of the Official Design stand is subject to approval by the Organization.
  • The cancellation of the Official Design stand after February 26th will entail production costs thereof.
  • Click on pictures for more info on each stand equipment.

12 m2 15 m2

18 m2 21 m2

24 m2 36 m2

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