Free Design Space

The most personal way to exhibit consists of renting your space beforehand, using your own stand and promoting your corporate image.

Free Design Space

Registration fee

55 €/m2 (+ 10 % VAT)


  • Dossier opening, administration processing.
  • You are entitled to a reservation number, which will prioritize the allocation of your corresponding location.

Space Rental

241 €/m2 (+ 10 % VAT)


  • The space reserved in m2.
  • Entitlement to stand assembly and dismantling.
  • Cleaning of the stand during the Fair. 1st assembly cleaning not included.
  • 1 event invitation and 8 day invitations per 2 m2 booked.
  • 4 Exhibitor badges per stand up to 24 m2 (n additional badge for every 12 m2 up to 100 m2).
  • 1 parking pass per each 50 m2.
  • Collective civil liability and fire insurance.
  • Electrical consumption and permanent power supply 24h.
  • Entitlement to Business Center.
  • Entitlement of exhibition in Innovation Area & Organic Exhibition Area.
  • Publication of news since the run-up of the Salon, as well as, activities to be developed during the celebration of the Salon Gourmets.
  • Access to the online exhibitor’s tool, which allows you to manage: the inclusion of the company and the participating products in the official catalogue (invitations, regustration, Business Center, ...).


Check with the Organization the possibility of hiring/participate in sponsorships, Gourmets Scenario, wine tasting room, show cookings, social networks, Newsletters, magazine Club de Gourmets.

Corner supplement

  • 24,10 €/m2 – 1 Corner (2 sides open).
  • 48,20 €/m2 – 2 Corners (3 sides open).

The granting of corners is subject to the needs of distribution plans.

Specific conditions

  • The exhibitor shall be responsible for stand Assembly and to include, at least, the carpet or flooring and walls, not being allowed to use the walls of contiguous stands.
  • The stand must have power supply and/or fuse box certificate; if it is not supplied by your installation company, it can be ordered through the Organization.
  • The Exhibitor must book the mandatory power supply 130 w/m2 through the Organization, as well as, the additional power, if necessary.
  • The technical project must be sent to the Organization on the requested dates for its approval.
  • he stand must comply with the space booked (minimum 9 m2) and the maximum height of the walls will be 4 m, 6 m in the case of stands with peripheral locations. Logos and spinning can reach a maximum height of 5 m.
  • Rear faces of the panels must have a quality finishing without ornaments.
  • Those stands built over wooden flooring or platform must have access ramps for the disabled.
  • If you wish to hang some kind of air/rigging structure as part of your stand (recessing 1m meter), please contact Ifema’s Technical department: Maximum height 6 m.

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