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Adegas Terrae is a modern and dynamic winery that is committed to achieving an experience for consumers. We have 33 hectares of vineyards distributed among the five DD.OO that Galicia has: Rias Baixas, O Ribeiro, Monterrei, Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras. They are vineyards cared for with love and care, located on small plots that characterize the Galician smallholding.

Adegas Terrae aims to raise the prestige of the Galician wine in the world, following the latest trends and offering affordable luxury in every bottle. We seek to escape from the traditional winery scheme, and we plan to develop a new product concept through a daring image and innovative packaging. Mixing tradition and innovation we have achieved fresh, round, and easy to understand wines, which have wanted to respect the typicity of the respective sub-areas in which they are born.

Our wines are fresh, daring & delicious

White Wine 100% Albariño D.O Rías Baixas
  • Brand name: Carallán
  • Sector: Rías Baixas PDO
White Wine 100% Godello D.O Valdeorras
  • Brand name: Agoreira
  • Sector: Valdeorras PDO
White Wine 100% Godello D.O Monterrei
  • Brand name: Pepa Porter
  • Sector: Monterrei PDO
White Wine 100% Treixadura D.O Ribeiro
  • Brand name: Deseu
  • Sector: Ribeiro PDO
Red Wine 100% Mencía D.O Ribeira Sacra
  • Brand name: Barbadelo
  • Sector: Ribeira Sacra PDO
Red Wine 100% Mencía D.O Monterrei
  • Brand name: Pepe Porter
  • Sector: Monterrei PDO

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