La D.O Jamón de Teruel participa en el XXXIII Certamen de Salón Internacional del Club de Gourmets

El Consejo Regulador de la D.O Jamón de Teruel va a participar en el XXXIII Certamen de Salón Internacional del Club de Gourmets, que se celebra en IFEMA (Madrid) del 8 al 11 de abril de 2019.  

El Jamón de Teruel contará con un stand (10E28) insertado en el espacio autonómico “Aragón Alimentos” ubicado en el pabellón 10 de IFEMA con una superficie de exposición de 216 metros cuadrados y que alberga a un total de 20 empresas aragonesas.  

El Consejo Regulador está muy interesado en que todas las empresas inscritas hagan uso de este espacio como punto de encuentro con clientes o personas de interés.

El interés mayor en participar en este tipo de eventos es el de promocionar el jamón de Teruel y a la vez que nuestro stand sirva de plataforma de posibles negocios y nuevos contactos a todos los industriales.


The tradition of eating cured ham in Teruel goes back to ancient times. Some people assert that reach prehistory. The reality is the pig has always been a fundamental part of the cookery and pantry of Teruel. We take care our animals watching the minimal details: nice handling and the best nourishment for an excellent result: tasty and top quality meat.Indeed, the development of Teruel Ham was born from the need to preserve it for a long time. To do this, nothing better than cure and salting. All the province become quickly in the first fan of this product. From the lowlands: Matarraña and Bajo Aragón , historic sites with a strong tradition around pig to the mountains of Albarracin, Gúdar Javalambre and Jiloca, so high that almost skim the sky and where pure and clean air cure our delicious hams.

Pigs intended for Teruel Cured Ham and Teruel Cured Shoulder Ham production are born, reared and slaughtered in the province of Teruel. These swine are obtained from Landrace and Large White crossbreeds in the maternal line and Duroc pure breed in the paternal line. They are mainly fed on cereals grown in the fields of the province of Teruel and other neighbouring areas, which give them a healthy, natural nutrition.Duroc breed produces high quality meat with an ideal intramuscular fat content, while meat provided by Landrace and Large-White crossbreeds is characterised by its juiciness, texture, conformation, and colour.

The Ham of Teruel has achieved great prestige in the market thanks to its flavor and texture. There are numerous great chefs who have incorporated this rich delicacy into their recipe book, but are the people like you, the one who cooks from their homes, who make this something really great.

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