Tasting the product 

The origin, explains Pilar, is in 1995 when her husband - they still did not know each other - began his activity as a butcher. "A year later he started making pork rinds, but there was a time when he left the job, and started working in a bingo," he says. It was at that bingo, in the Seville neighborhood of Los Remedios, where they met. Although they worked together, Antonio could not leave behind his passion for carnage, "so we decided to dedicate ourselves to that, and opened one, but in a market where there were many, so we thought of doing something different to call the attention to the public and we started making pork rinds. "So was the success of the product" that we started having customers who came from all sides. We claimed the pork rinds from shops, bars ..., we made hotel prices, we bought more coppers, but the business was too small for us, so it was time to build something bigger, and that was when we moved to Benacazón, where we found the fact that there were no commercial stores like we wanted, but commercial warehouses. "The quality jump was such that Pilar and Antonio decided to settle in one of the industrial buildings of Benacazón, where Chicharrones Rubio started walking with its new format, and in June 2017 the ChicharroSnack was born, which could be considered the jewel in the crown of this original initiative.

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