Creativity and Fresh Pasta With Chef Luigi Bertaccini

This is the third of four show cooking during the which four Chefs will elaborate different plates utilizing Fior d'Italia fresh pasta.

In this show cooking Luigi Bertaccini, Chef and Owner of the Madrid Based A vÁnvera Italian Restaurant, will present us the followings:

- King Prawns Filled Fresh Raviolacci With Pistacho Pesto and Clams.

- Fresh Egg Spaghetti with Bottarga, Lime and Pinions.

At the end of the show cooking it will be possible to taste the dishes. 

Since 1990 Fior d'Italia has been producing Fresh Pasta with natural raw materials.

The offer is made of three family products:

- Fior d'Italia Professional Chef (Short, flat and filled pasta)

- Fior d'Italia Express (A selection of pastas and souses)

- Fior d'Italia Retail (Flat and filled pasta in 250 gr packaging)

For its products storing, Fior d'Italia choose the most natural: quick freezing.

Products have one year shelf life since production and they don't need to be defrosted before cooking.

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