• Exhibitor: CASALBA
  • Brand name: CASALBA
  • Sector: PANCETA
Pieza obtenida de la panza del cerdo, muy grasa en el cerdo ibérico.  Pintamos las piezas con el adobo de pimentón y ajo, y dejamos curar en el secadero natural hasta que el producto está perfecto.  Toque ahumado 

Located in the foothills of Sierra de la Demanda, it´s a small family business that combines artisanal values and the latest advanced in control and production technology.

The company has implemented the HACCP system (Analysis and Critical Control Points) and the Iberian product is certified according to Standard Iberian by authorized auditing firm. The facilities and procedures are approved by the Health Authorities for export to countries such as Japan and Mexico

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