Farm-based cheese located in the Sierra de Cádiz, run by the Valle-Luna family. Dedicated to goats since 1997. All the production is madewith traditional techniqueswith the freshly milked milk of our goats. All cheeses of raw milk, coming from owned goats grazing in an ecological countryside. Natural fermentation, semi-hard and creammy paste, with enzymatic coagulation. They are presented in cylindrical format, about 700g, with intense and very clean flavor of goat milk and fruits, slight smell of herbs and grass. It melts easily in the mouth, buttery paste, very fine texture and a little spicy hints at the end. We are farmers as well as cheese makers, we take care of all the process, from the raw material to the final elaboration of the cheese. The farm on which we work has been certified as ecological for more than 10 years, where pastures are produced to feed the goats. The cereals we feed the animals during milking are conventional.
Flavored lactic curd processing workshop
  • Sector: GOAT CHEESE
  • Type: Educational Workshops

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