The gallery of the Pizza

The minimum space option, 3 m2, to be present at the Salón, a price adjusted choice aimed to those products that, because of volume characteristics, suit within the such area.

Stands at this multi-product area include all the basic services, except for the Business Center, as well as a storage space shared with other exhibitors in the area.

The gallery of the Pizza


Price: 1.750* € (+ 10 % VAT)

  • 3 m2 Hand-Key stand (see equipment).
  • Entitlement to stand assembly and dismantling.
  • Cleaning of the stand during the Fair.
  • Electrical consumption permanent power supply 24 h.
  • Collective civil liability and fire insurance.
  • 3 event invitations (4 days)  and 12 day invitations.
  • 2 Exhibitor passes.
  • 1 parking pass.
  • Inclusion in the Official Catalogue with the company name and brands.
  • Entitlement to the Innovation Area & Ecologic Exhibition Area.
  • Right to the on-line exhibitor’s Area.

  • (*) This amount includes all Organisation’s expenses, Concepts and Services detailed in this document.

    (*) Note: A minimum of participants is required for this area.

    Stand Equipment


    • Furniture:
      • Fair Carpet.
      • 1 Display Cabinet with light (140 x 50 x 20 cm) with an exhibition area.
      • 1 round table (ø 80cm.) with 2 chairs.

    • Graphic:
      • Company Logo 35 x 35 cm (*).

    • Lighting:
      • 130 w/m2 mandatory power supply.
      • 1 Socket (500 w).

    • Common Areas:
      • Shared Storage with water supply and sink.

    (*) The exhibitor must provide the logo to the Organization of the Salon Gourmets, before February 26th, 2021, in accordance with the following characteristics: jpg or pdf format in high resolution 150 ppp real size.

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