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Artisanal High quality precooked Octopus, prepared with the best raw material.

Specialized in precooked octopus in its own juice.

Tradition, innovation and specialization.Without losing the family tradition, at 3 de Pulpo we are always searching for improvements and innovation, keeping in mind our essence, an artisan and meticulous preparation of our products. This is how we get a high quality octopus, cooked under vacuum in its own juice. Through this rigorous and artisan process, we have developed a system to cook the octopus to the optimal point of flavour and texture, keeping intact the original properties and the nutritional qualities of the freshly cooked octopus. Our method, in addition to enhancing the qualities of the octopus, allows us to extend its useful life, without any type of artificial additive, for a minimum of 45 days.


Octopus, cooked under vacuum in its own juice
  • Brand name: 3 de Pulpo
Carpaccio de Pulpo Cocido 100 gr.
  • Brand name: 3 de Pulpo

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