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Umai gourmet

UMAI Gourmet is a family business that was born in 2019, in a Spanish municipality in the province of Almería, specifically Abla, with a fresh and innovative look that seeks to reinterpret and recover the ancestral culinary traditions of the Mediterranean, betting on a healthy cuisine with preserves and pâtés of vegetal origin.Our products are characterized by having an intense and delicate flavor, with a touch of sophistication, which will lead you to experience "The 5th UMAI Gourmet flavor".This project fights for a rural repopulation, making known the art of making products in a totally traditional way, and working with fair trade seeking environmental and cultural sustainability.
Sabores Almería is the Official Agrifood Brand of the province of Almería, and whose primary objective is the joint and collective promotion of agri-food and fishery products produced in the province of Almería. It is also a symbol of quality and distinction for those shops and catering, tourism and hospitality establishments that use and / or market these products in an outstanding way.

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