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UBAGO GROUP was founded in 1929 committed to offering high qualityand reliable products to our consumers, which we have continued to do throughtout our more than 85 years in business.The firm specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of fish preserves (tuna, bullet tuna, chub mackerel and sardines), smoked fish (salmon,tuna, cod and pomfret), cod (salted and desalted) and other salted fish.Our companies are leaders in the sector in the Spanish, Moroccan and Cape Verdian markets through our well known brands UBAGO,CUMAREX and FRESCOMAR, and by means of the private labels of the main supermarket chains in Europe, The Middle East, Africa, the USA and Central America. UBAGO GROUP currently owns 6 factories which are close to the best sources of raw material which, in addition ensures a sustainable and environmentally friendly provision of fish, allows us to control the highest quality tests that are demanded in the most competitive markets. To achieve all the above, our Company continually invests in R&D, so that the Ubago Group is at the cutting edge of the industry.

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