Artisanal Agro-Food Producer, First and only day of early Hojiblanca harvest in veraison and harvest with Full Moon, Limited Edition.

To obtain 1 liter of Finca Rosa Alta, 10 kilos of packaged Hojiblanca olives from the first and only day of early harvest have been needed.

Oil made from green olives picked by hand from our ancient olive trees.

Tasting: Medium-high green fruitiness, herbaceous notes, horticultural notes above all and it is very balanced in the mouth, it is sweet, elegant, bitter, reminiscent of the olive leaf, the artichoke, it has a very nice spicy finish in the throat, very balanced with the bitterness We are talking about a great oil, a magnificent Malagueño EVOO and above all filtered, very important! #sublime #excellence #intense

Our land: Land sown with quality, grateful, fertile, and especially kind to those of us who have unconditionally cared for it since time immemorial, when the túrdulos settled in the area in 1,500 BC. There are 41 hectares of olive groves in the heart of the Northeast Region of Malaga (Nororma). In this reddish calcareous terrain, with a privileged communication situation, our farm is located, in a unique enclave that offers spectacular views of the hermitage of the Virgen de Gracia and the Peña de los Enamorados with sunrises and sunsets that make you fall in love. This place is a guaranteed source of energy and inspiration. It is full of magic and life.

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