A life dedicated to beekeeping

Abeja Obrera was born from the illusion and passion of the Martínez Babiano family, the third generation of beekeepers in a family linked to nature and the love for beekeeping, its bees, its honey and its pollen. Our town, Fuenlabrada de los Montes located in the province of Badajoz (Spain), is one of the main honey producers nationwide.

At Abeja Obrera we want to offer you the best products, honey and pollen, with the highest quality and purity. Collected and packaged by us, and of course, with the best taking care of our livestock and the environment. Everything at your fingertips.

Abeja Obrera is not only a brand of bee products, such as honey and pollen, but it is also an idea to improve every day and be able to offer the best.

We are committed to a natural, handmade and pure product; and we want you to be part of it too.

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