El Bandarra

A vermouth a day, keeps the doctor away!

Chilling out on a terrace and enjoying the good times. That’s the Bandarra style and it’s also the philosophy behind our vermouth. It’s a drink that’s perfect for sharing when the good times roll. 

Craft Vermouth

El Bandarra (“the rogue”) was born in our vineyards at Casa Berger. After more than 20 years of selling vermouth by the barrel for small, local wine shops, in 2014 we threw ourselves into the task of bottling our vermouth with its very own brand.And the rest is history!  

The sweetest sip of El Bandarra.
  • Brand name: El Bandarra Blanco
  • Sector: VERMOUTH
Es como morder un cheesecake. Nos rendimos al rosa.
  • Brand name: El Bandarra Rosé
  • Sector: VERMOUTH
The taste of Barcelona in a bottle.
  • Brand name: El Bandarra Al Fresco

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