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"From Boat to Table" renews its brand and communication

Constant improvement and growth from Almería.In the organization of fishery producers of Almería OPP-71 we have always thought that it is our obligation to value our work regardless of what the sector does. Always betting on quality and innovation both in the product and in the process is already part of our DNA. That is why we have renewed our entire brand and communication, placing emphasis on our personality and value. We were pioneers in launching our own online store, with it we gave more visibility to the work of the port of Almería and at the same time we allowed the user to buy the product without intermediaries. Many fish markets in Spain have replicated the model, which we are happy about, but that milestone is not enough. We want, from Almería, to continue being a benchmark at a national (and even international) level and that is why we have renewed the global aesthetic of our brand with a strategic rethinking at the level of experience and communication. For this we have counted on the agency specialized in branding: Humad, which for months has worked to convey to the user the wonderful product we offer and the dedication of our service. And what if they have succeeded. In the process, called re-branding, the entire brand, website, commercial experience and our communication strategy have been redesigned. A photographic and audiovisual production has also been carried out. A work of months that today sees the light and of which we are very proud.Making luxury affordable From boat to table offers a product of unsurpassed freshness and quality. We are a great fishmonger where you already want red shrimp or a whiting, you are going to savor them with the maximum freshness. It happens that, sometimes, we detract from everyday life and this is the case with fish and shellfish: we have it daily and it seems normal to us, but that is a virtue of our country that in much of Europe they consider a luxury. Our identity should represent that: an affordable wonder, where the gourmet and the everyday coexist. To leave evidence that there is a great product today, you have to have a great brand, in our case made up of the beautiful name that we chose in its day and the great logo that we have today, because, in part, we are how we treat what we do. .Surfing the internet with a sea flavor The online offer of fresh products is high and from we not only want to sell, but also to value the work of the fishing port of Almería and the maximum freshness service that we have designed. It is not worth saying "quality product". You have to feel it. Images and video of our boats and fishermen are combined throughout the navigation, as well as the different finishes of the product (clean, cut, filleted ...). Careful content production required a clear and clean layout that invited visitors to explore and learn, with clear premises and reinforced attributes, optimized for mobile phones and tablets. We can proudly say that there is no website in Spain as rich in sensations as ours.
DEL BARCO A LA MESA-FROM THE BOAT TO THE TABLE is the online store of the Lonja de Almeria, by the Organization of Fisheries Producers of Almeria. An initiative that stands as a short marketing channel so that consumers of fresh fish and seafood can access their purchase directly with the fishing sector, shortening the times, and benefiting from more competitive prices between producer and consumer. A pioneering initiative that has already been in business for 11 years. Orders are made online or by phone (and whatsapp) until 4:00 p.m., then the product is purchased on the auction of the fish market and it is prepared for delivery. In less than 24 hours these products pass from when they are in the sea to homes anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula. We take care of our raw material with great care and with sustainable packaging.