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2019 first participation and big impact of the family company in Salón Gourmet 2019

From Extremadura, the cradle of the Iberian pig, the natural habitat of this precious animal that only lives in Spain, and more than 80% in Extremaduda. Campo & Badajoz is a brand created in response to Extremadura's need to directly sell its own land products, today transformed and made by other regions of Spain that buy livestock in Extremadura. Livestock is raised on their own farms, completely outdoors and spread out over the grandeur of the Campo & Badajoz farms. All the animals live in an Extensive Regime, with great mobility for growth where they perceive the microclimate of Extremadura, a quality origin of the Iberian. Main food based on natural feed, herbs, roots and acorns.This is the great difference with most manufacturers, who raise the Iberian in small cages with almost no mobility for the animal, where it grows quickly without expending energy, arriving in few months at optimal weight. It is the great difference in quality that today must be differentiated in the market
 “Campo Badajoz”. It is time to establish our personal signature.  The microclimate of Extremadura is the most suitable for Iberian pig farming and Hams, Shoulders and Iberian Loin curing. Livestock farming takes place in our own estates, roaming outdoors. The meadows of Puebla de la Reina and the Sierra de Hornachos, in the Province of Badajoz, are the privileged place for Iberian pig farming. It is the second generation of a family business, focused on positioning Extremadura’s product, recognized by many, as one of the best gourmet products in the world.