Merienda mediterránea: jamón y AOVE

La DOP Poniente de Granada realiza una cata dirigida de dos aceites monovarietales que finalizará con la degustación de una dieta típicamente mediterránea en la que los productos de la empresa granadina Jamones Nicolás se acompañarán de los aceites del poniente granadino.

SABOR GRANADA is the distinguishing mark of the agro-food products from the province of Granada.

In the Provincial Council, the driving force of the brand, work is taking place in order to raise awareness of the best aspects of Granada and an undoubtedly part of them are our agro-food products, result of our huge richness in wonderfoul landscapes and climatic variety.

Granada evokes the most magnificient tradition, the aromas and flavours of a millenia-old history.

Granada is an experience of the senses.

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