We are a young, dynamic and enterprising company that is committed to Galicia and the quality of its products. Created in 2009, the firm continues to evolve and present new products. This year we present the Special Edition in collaboration with the comedian Luis Davila. It is a collection of 6 different vignettes that perfectly combine the traditions of Galicia and humor. The flavors of this collection are the coffee liquor of "pota", Wild herb liquor of "San Xoán", the Orujo Liquor Cream , coffee cream, peach and passion fruit cream and a daring Spicy Pepper liquor .

       Another new feature is the incorporation of the geographical indication of Augardentes de Galicia.The extensive list of liquors and creams is very successful and contributes to the differentiation of Habelas Hailas. Another novelty is a collection of 3 marshmallow creams: marshmellow berries cream , marshmallow banana and strawbery cream and marshmallow coconut and mango cream, all with a very unique image.

      Our catalog consists of a score of liquors and creams with the most surprising flavors. The classic orujo, coffee liqueur or Wild herb liquor conjugate perfectly with creams such as almond cake, rice pudding and even mojito.            

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