Importers and Distributor in EU of Confectionary Food and Argentinian Wines.

We represent important brands such us HAVANNA, FARGO, BODEGAS NORTON, Mate Leaf KRAUS and LA VIRGINIA

We work with National and Regional Distributors in EU and specialised in Food Service

- Pastry Doughs

- Dulce de Leche and Alfajores

- Organic Yerba Mate

- Chimichurri and Infusions

Pastry Doughs
  • Brand name: FARGO
  • Sector: BREAD
Dulce de Leche - Milk Caramel Spread
  • Brand name: HAVANNA
  • Sector: OTHERS
Organic Yerba Mate KRAUS
  • Brand name: KRAUS
  • Sector: OTHERS
  • Organic
Argentinian Wines
  • Brand name: NORTON
  • Sector: YOUNG RED WINE
Coffee, spices and condiments
  • Brand name: La Virginia
  • Sector: SPICES

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