J.R. SUÁREZ is a Spanish pioneer in manufacturing black garlic from PGI Las Pedroñeras and fresh purple garlic ready to use in peeled cloves, paste, diced and sliced. The company also boasts a wide range of traditional sauces such as Alioli, Canary Mojos, Tzatziki and marinates for barbecues like Chimichurri.

Black garlic is aged garlic manufactured with a natural process free of additives and using as raw material Spanish purple garlic from the Protected Geographical Indication Las Pedroñeras, the mayor producer of garlic in Europe. Its taste, sweet and with slight touch of balm and liquorice flavor is related with the “umami” taste. Its soft and handy texture made of it a healthy and delicious snack. It keeps for 24 months in good conditions at room temperature.

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