Elaboraciones Gourmet 6 Sentidos in collaboration with Huitres Aimé presents for the first time in Spain the highest selection of Oysters from the Marshes of Oleron. In the hands of Adrian Aimé, oystercatcher, we will know and taste this delicacy.


Elaboraciones Gourmet 6Sentidos, we are a company located in Mercamadrid that supplies gourmet products for the HORECA channel and food.We have the most extensive and specialized range of seafood products, designed to meet the needs of the most expert and demanding professionals in the gastronomy sector at a national and international level.


In the Gourmets Hall, in the hands of Mar de Posibilidades, we will present the Oyster Gold, from the Marennes de Oleron, the most prestigious appellation of origin in the world.

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