Today, Castilla y León is one of the main food producers in continental Europe. It should be pointed out that our region is the leader in the production of cereals, potatoes, beetroot, milk and lamb, and the second largest national producer in beef, cow’s milk, and pork, all of which entitles us to say that Castilla y León is the larder of Spain. Castilla y León is not only one of Europe’s main food producers but also one of the regions with the most quality seals recognised by the European Union. In response to the demands of small and medium-sized food producers, the regional government is building a quality-focused culture in order to support small companies, competing in the global economy. Tierra de Sabor guarantees total traceability from the origin, providing professionals and consumers a higher standard of quality. Today, Tierra de Sabor can offer professionals a wide range of products. In fact, the yellow heart seal can be seen on more tan 5.880 food products, produced by over 950 companies in Castilla y León, Spain. The most important sectors are: meats (both fresh and processed), dairy products, baked goods, pre-prepared foods, wines and other gourmet products.

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