Cata vinos veganos y ecológicos

Cata y descripción de nuestros vinos

  The roots of Bodegas Evine go back to the second half of the nineteenth century, when the Martínez-Quintanilla Family is dedicated to the cultivation of the vine and to the elaboration of its wines. Bodegas Evine is a family winery where we rely on respect for the land, because we get its fruits from it. Our vineyards are ecological and traditional. We do not look for great productions, but the singularity, the quality and the sustainable development, obtaining our broths as a unique product that is not only appealing, but it transports them to our vineyards and winemaking and family winemaking tradition.

In this area the climatological characteristics are scarce rains, cold winters and hot summers, this makes feasible that the cultivation in all the farm is ecological following the regulation of the Regulatory Council of Ecological Agriculture of Murcia. Recently we have acquired the Vegan certification in some of our wines and our purpose is to do it with all our production.

Our wines are limited edition, in each grape selection for the elaboration of these we put all our passion and heritage, making them unique and unrepeatable.

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