Show Cooking

Ameztoi is going to show:

Iberian Ham Croquette

Cream vegetable

Beef cheek in red wine sauce

Rice pudding

Since 1994, Ameztoi  is a Basque family run business which has been producing an Identity Cuisine based on our culture.

From these values we develop a cuisine with our traditional dishes and specialities from other cuisines.

Our staff is a cornerstone in our company. Thanks to them and their contribution all along the process, we obtain the desired quality.

We select our ingredients with defined criteria such as quality best milk, Spanish iberian ham, cod from Iceland, best fresh

cod from Iceland, best fresh

Concerned about innovation has led us to design and use new technologies to improve culinary processes, cooking, packaging and storage, ensuring maximum control with the gastronomic characteristics of each dish.

Our kitchen has been designed to respect and improve the products in every single step as well as guarantee their quality.

This selection of dishes shows, who we are and how we are: dishes made with love and passion, cooked with identity.

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