Cuarto y mitad, por favor

Quesos para charqueterías a cargo de Jesús Vázquez (Embajador de quesos) de ALBE-Lácteas del Jarama

LÁCTEAS DEL JARAMA is a Spanish company founded in 1968, with an international presence, that manufactures dairy products, specialized in the production of mozzarella cheese, the first manufacturer in Spain. Currently, its production includes molten and analogue cheeses. Its industrial facilities, certified by ISO 9001, employ new technologies and strict health and hygienic-sanitary controls to ensure the highest quality in all its production. The company strategy focuses on QUALITY, INNOVATION and DEVELOPMENT of new products under its main brand, ALBE. The ALBE GROUP has created an extensive refrigerated distribution network specialized in the HORECA channel, that provides the freshest ingredients and offers a comprehensive service throughout Spain and Portugal. In addition to strengthening its position in the domestic market, the group is increasing its INTERNATIONAL presence signing commercial agreements and opening new markets.

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