Frigoríficos Arcos cooks and sells the cooked octopus brand "A Pulpeira", octopus cooked in vacuum and steam in its own juice. "A Pulpeira" is the result of the continuation of the family family of "pulpeira and pulpeiro" that our ancestors exercised in the fairs and festivals of Galicia for more than 100 years. Our origin marks us to try to undertake a mission, a new and improved way of cooking the octopus, which manages to maintain and enhance all its flavor and quality. This is how we start a process of research and development of a new cooking method, based on the knowledge acquired during the years of the octopus and its cooking, together with the new technologies of food. The result of this research is a new method of cooking in vacuum and steam. For the octopus of the highest quality, the fish in the best fishing ground in the world and with the most demanding cigarettes. Once thawed and washed the octopus, it is placed in bags of specific cooking products, making a vacuum of 100% leaving the octopus ready to be cooked. Our ovens adapted for steam cooking, do the rest, cooking at low temperatures and prolonging the cooking times. The result is an octopus that resembles a little, expelling the own juices during cooking. This method enhances the flavor of the octopus and at the same time stores all its proteins, vitamins and mineral salts in the form of juice. In turn, it prolongs the useful life of cooked octopus up to 120 days. A 100% natural process
Pulpo cocido en vacío y a vapor en su propio jugo.
  • Brand name: A Pulpeira

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