Gobierno Autónomico - Xunta de Galicia - Consellería Do Mar

The Regional Government of Galicia- Consellería do Mar, attends this new edition of SALON INTERNACIONAL DE GOURMETS 2.018, showing the most important of its essential features: “The taste of the Galician Sea”. As one of the most outstanding references of the international fish sector, the Xunta de Galicia (The Regional Government of Galicia) gives its support to 20 coexhibitors companies who represent a wide range of variety of top quality products which include preserves, frozen and chilled seafood and aquaculture products. Galician fishing industry is based on the principle of responsible fishing and respect for the environment combining a strong tradition with a well developed innovation and always looking for the same final result: quality, natural products and “the taste of the Galician sea” on your dishes.

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