• Exhibitor: VETROELITE SPA
  • Brand name: VETROELITE S.P.A
  • Sector: GINEBRA
  • New
DENVER, one of VETROELITE‘s innovative models with a craft soul. A simple and pure shape, perfectly successful thanks to the details that enhance its compact outline. Perfection in proportions, extremely short shoulder and neck, characteristic picure.

VETROelite is an Italian company with a strong inclination towards export. Its mission consists in offering an exclusive range of glass packaging (bottles, carafes, jars) and related services, for the following markets:

• Liquid products (spirits, still and sparkling wines, olive oils and refinedvinegars, exclusive mineral waters…)

• Food products (jars for « gourmet » produces)

• Reed diffusers and other perfumery, cosmetics and body care products. 

VETROelite’s distinctive feature lies in its attractive and innovative selection of shapes, characterized by an extremely polished design, together with a policy of constant availability of its products. Other distinctive marks are the capacity of supplying peculiar closures perfectly suited to the bottle range and a complete offer of glass decoration.

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