Vino blanco D.O. Ribeiro (Treixadura, Godello, Loureira)

Alter white is clean and bright. Intense bouquet, expressive with some fruity character. Stands out the green apple and pineapple. Notes of Muscatel and honey. In the mouth it is wide, with good structure and balance. Remains a pleasant final sensation of sweet fruit.

Priorato de Razamonde is the result of several generations dedicated to the cultivation of the wine. After years of passion and devotion for wine passed from generation to generation and careful artisanal and evolutionary work, the initial small family vineyard of about one hectare of surface, has become in the last decade in a wine cellar, renovated with a rustic heritage of 28 hectares of land that produced more than 130,000 liters of wine in 2017 with a quality exceptionally considered.

Located in the municipal term of Cenlle (Ourense), in the heart of Ribeiro, the unbeatable enclave of Priorato de Razamonde, is a former Priory belonging to the Benedictine order of San Martín Pinario that thanks to the last owners, the family Pérez Pousa, architects of the exquisite restoration of a building of the 17th century, has become as a jewel of the Ribeiro. A renovated winery that using rich mixtures of native varieties (treixadura, sousón and brancellao) each contributing its peculiarities for authentic and genuine, wines with an updated technology that maintain the tradition and excellence of the artisan Winery wine, ensures the optimal qualities of its wines, which are recognized each year both national and international.

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