Company dedicated to the manufacture of paprika with Protected Designation of Origin Pimentón de la Vera. We are the third generation dedicated to the manufacture of paprika and we combine tradition with new technologies. We manufacture the three autochthonous varieties, sweet, bittersweet and spicy for sausage factories, supermarkets, gourmet stores and hotels. Our products have an excellent quality, you can contrast it in our stand through a small tasting of the product.

We also make smoked paprika without Denomination of Origin and smokeless paprika (Murcia type).

Our packaging:

SACKS: 25 kg and 5 kg, Net weights

BAGS: 1 kg, 500 g, 250 g AND 100 g. Net weights

CANS: 800 g. Net weight, 160 g. And 75 g., Net weights

On our facebook page we have recipes and videos of recipes in English


  • Type: Guided tasting
  • Type: Guided tasting

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