Ordesano is a family run business, was founded in 2009. We are based in the charming village of Broto, located in the Pyrenees in The Aragón region, surrounded by marvelous countryside the foot of the Ordesa National Park. In these idyllic surroundings the native flora provides the perfect ingredients to produce our handmade  liquors, infusions and teas and our special gin premium with pear.

Together with the local traditional methods and perfect ingredients we produce, Pacharán; herbs liquor, blackburry liquor, apple, blackburry camomilla and hip rose infusions and a special and unic gin premium, all done with the unique taste of the fruits and herbs of the region.

Today Ordesano is a continuosly growing. Lets not forget that the secret of our success is due to our native agriculture and local tradition.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our stand in order to taste and see our products.

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