Azafrán Hebra Español, latita metálica con 1 g

  • Exhibitor: LAYBÉ
  • Brand name: LAYBÉ
  • Sector: ESPECIAS
  • New

Saffron threads. Whole threads of bright red and characteristic aroma. ISO I (Superior)Origin: Spain.

Coloring power: ISO I (Superior) Minimum: 220 units.

Preserve : Store in a dry place protected from light.Best before: 2 years after packaging

Saffron is used more than 3000 years ago. Can be used for: “paella”, risotto, rice, stews, spanish omelet, vegetables, meat cake, fish or seafood consommé, whipped cream, sauces, salts and sugar, desserts, ice cream, chocolates, cakes… etc. It’s widely used in teas or infusions. As medicinal use, it has digestive properties, analgesics, relieves gum pain and is characterized by its antidepressant effect or improvement mood. In addition is also used to dye suits or carpets, because of its powerful color.

NATURESPECIAS is a family company dedicated to spices, salt and saffron world since 1980. Our main goal is to provide the best quality of spices and saffron indicating the origin of each product following our company philosophy; transparency and loyalty to the costumers.

Our LAYBÉ products are selected around the entire world depending on the best place grown each one. The spices are packed in a metal can to protect them from the moisture and light, that´s the best way to get the top quality.

We are engaged in direct sales to gourmet deli, delicatessen stores, and dealers, both nationally and internationally. 

We are constantly innovating and developing to offer new products to provide high quality for the most demanding kitchens.

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