Latte Art Iberia is an expert in dairy products distributor exclusively in Spain, Andorra and Portugal of Lattiz®

Lattiz® is a device that provides consistent quality barista emulsified milk to meet the needs of a growing market. A button is pressed and Lattiz® provides the emulsified milk needed to make six cappuccinos per minute and satisfy the most demanding situations. This innovative technology guarantees the production of soft, delicate and constant quality emulsified milk to produce a wide variety of latte coffees. Lattiz® constitutes a fundamental revolution in the field of emulsified milk in the hospitality sector. The level of quality of the milk cream directly affects the customer's experience. Latte Art Iberia has the solution. Regardless of the user that uses the device, Lattiz® guarantees the best quality constantly. Lattiz® emulsified milk offers an exceptional flavor and style, which improves and complements coffee. In summary, Lattiz® is the fastest way to permanently get emulsified milk of quality barista for the preparation of cappuccinos and coffees with milk. In addition, the time spent on cleaning tasks will be greatly reduced thanks to the efficient bag-in-box system (bag inside a box) and the automatic cleaning procedure.

  • Address: Avenida de la Industria 38, nave 17B
  • Town: Coslada
  • Postcode: 28823
  • County: Madrid
  • Country: España
  • Phone number: +34 900 101 145
  • E-mail address:
  • Web:
  • Facebook: lattizspain/
  • Pavilion: 8

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