Fuets con sabores

  • Exhibitor: EMBOTITS SALGOT
  • Brand name: Fuets con sabores

Completing our range of cured items, we have created the fuets 50g with different flavour coverings, which give the fuets intensity and freshness.  Surprising even for the refined palates.  The available flavours are: black pepper, red pepper, fine herbs, onion and Mediterranean (onion, paprika, carrot, basil, oregano and dill)

We are a familiar company founded in 1928.  Our motto is: Vivimos según comemos, what means that life is so delightfully attractive as for giving up eating good sausages together with people we love. 

For this reason, we elaborate our products with the same eagerness and dedication than 90 years ago, with selected meats, with good treat to the product, according to recipes dated from 1928 but now updated to our time. 

The cured, cooked and fresh products are part of our life, to which we have added products from ecological meat.  We breed lovingly our pigs in our own ecological farm located at the doors of the natural Montseny Park. 

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