12 Linajes 2017 100% Verdejo, D.O. Rueda

Awards: Best Buy Wine Enthusiast 2017, 91 points Peñín Guide 2017

Founded in 1989, Bodegas Garci Grande Winery is built on top of old wine cellars dating back to the fourteenth century. Surrounded by its 120 hectares of vineyards, the winery set itself up proud as a faithful example of the good wines from the Appellation of Rueda and enthusiast advocate for the values of the “terroir”. The height of its vineyards (between 700 and 800 m), continental climate and the composition of their soils rich in calcium and magnesium, stony and well aired and drained, are the primary basis on which the wines from this winery are based. Marked by the typicity of the Appellation to which it belongs, Bodegas Garci Grande develops these concepts from its own identity without giving up key aspects in the resulting quality of its wines as harvesting at night, accurate pressing control systems and the stirring processes together with its own lees at the end of fermentation,which helps to achieve smoothness and persistence that distinguish the wines “ house mark”.


Grape selection since vineyard´s age and type of soil. Macerated prior to fermentation at a temperature of 8-12 ºC for 4-8 hours in order to get the full extraction of aromas. Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16ºC for 10-15 days. The wine is then stirred together with its own lees in order toachieve the characteristic smoothness and persistence of this wine.

D.O.5 Hispanobodegas is a group of wineries which produces and distributes quality wines from the most emblematic Officially Certified Winegrowing Regions of our country: Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Rueda, which together represent about a 45% of the officially certified wine produced in Spain. The group is a 100% Spanish property and it is formed for a set of three wineries:

  • Bodegas Valdelacierva - D.O.Ca Rioja,
  • Bodegas Gormaz - D.O Ribera del Duero,
  • Bodegas Garci Grande - D.O Rueda

Hispanobodegas is adding to its portfolio wines from D.O Rías Baixas & D.O Cava

Founded with the idea to offer high-quality wines by working with prefiloxeric vines over 80 years old (Limited production) from the most renowed winegrowing regions in Spain. Many of our wines have won awards in prestigious international wine competitions and have received high points from some of the most prominent wine guides, magazines, and critics including Robert Parker & Stephen Tanzer, Wine Spectator & Wine Enthusiast.

Hisponobodegas also has its own distribution network in Mexico, USA and China.

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