La elaboración del queso es tradicional. Para ella, utilizamos solamente leche cruda de oveja churra y cuajo natural.

La curación es de, mínimo, 12 meses. Posteriormente, el queso se enlata en AOVE (Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra), variedad 100% Picual.

The path of Rai´z de Guzma´n winery began in 1998 in the town of Roa de Duero in Burgos convinced that we could create the best wines within the Ribera de Duero D.O. Superb quality wines able to walk hand in hand with the Pa´ramo de Guzma´n prestigious handmade cheese elaborated since 1985. From our birth, Rai´z de Guzma´n has been always characterized by showing a marked respect for the origins, as expressed in our name. Origins both in the strain as in the knowledge and experience are re ected in all the people who take part of our family.

The quality of our strains, the stripping, the careful selection of grapes and special fermentations are some of the hallmarks of our winery. The uniqueness of our wines comes thanks to a careful manual process and ageing in small quantities. The result is powerful, re ned wines endowed with a unique personality through unique aromas and avors. Our Rai´z de Guzma´n wines are aged in oasks renewed every three years. We count with 80% French oak and 20% American oak. Our average annual production has a total of 120,000 bottles.

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