Sauvignon Blanc 100% D.O. Rueda

  • Brand name: LAGAR DEL REY - SAUVIGNON BLANC 100%
White wine Sauvignon Blanc 100% from our own vineyards. After a cold maceration of the grape coming from our own vineyards for at least 4 hours, the must is fermented at low temperature in order to obtain potent tropical aromas characteristic of the variety.

Bodega Valdehermoso is a family-run winery founded in 2004 engaged with the growing of our vineyars and elaboration and commercialization of high quality wines made from a careful selection of own grape.Both vineyards and winery are located in Nava del Rey, right in the heart of Rueda Apellation of Origin. Bodega Valdehermoso owns more than 50 has of vineyard of VERDEJO, SAUVIGNON BLANC and VIURA varieties. These vineyeards are all placed in one plot( Finca Valdehermoso) where our ancestors grew them to elaborate the well-known VINOS DE LA NAVA. A modern but innovate winery very influenced by a traditional family crazy for the wine world. We elaborate our wines under the most techniques of vinification considering the importance of the grape quality.Thus, we only use grapes from our own vineyards and whose production has been controlled at all times by technical staff of the Winery, from pruning to the harvesting. This gives our wines an important recognition both inside and outside our country over the years.

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