Aceites Abril will give a tasting tasting of its best extra virgin olive oils as one of the activities that will take place during the celebration of the Salón de Gourmets.

Elena Pérez Canal, Aceites Abril´s Marketing Manager, will be in charge of bringing all participants to the world of olive oils from a closer perspective. During the session, the best oils of the brand will be tasted, corresponding to different varieties of olives, and will also be carried out, and at the same time, a pairing with the chef Gerson Iglesias from restaurant Adega das Caldas, the Jamón Selecta Coren and the Mil Ríos Godello wine, from the Méndez Rojo Martes winery.

The event will take place on Tuesday the 8th at 13.30 in the tasting room 6F31 of the venue.

Aceites Abril, S.L. is a family firm that was created in 1962 by Manuel Pérez Delgado, in San Cibrao das Viñas (Ourense, Spain), dedicated to selling a wide variety of vegetable oils adapted to our customers’ needs: virgin and extra virgin olive oil, ecological oils, single-variety oils, olive-pomace oil, sunflower oil, seed oils and special oils for frying, in bottled or bulk formats.

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