Bio energy balls

Ready-to-eat Superfood.
A rich source of natural vitamins, minerals, fiber, essentialfatty acids, flavonoids and proteins, all coming from ORGANIC ingredients.
Both drying, grinding and the whole productions process is performed under 40 °C to maintain maximum effectivity of all ORGANIC active ingredients.

Ingredients: chestnut flour*, almond flour, extra virgine olive oil*, driedpowdered:carrots*, parsley root*, horseradish*, apples*, hempseed*, quinoa*, rice flour*, rosehips*, grits*, Vitamin C - ascorbicacid (RDI ** 312,5%), dark chocolate*, cane sugar*, FibrulineSP 20 (100% chicory inulin), cocoa butter*
* certified organic raw materials
** daily reference intake values

May cause allergy: chesnut flour, almond flour.

ÁLDOMÁS: Premium food from Hungary 

Áldomás, an umbrella brand exclusively for premium quality food products, has been created in extensive professional cooperation led by the Hungarian National Trading House. Our goal is to promote the production of food products with high nutritional and utilisation value, and to make value-added, premium food products widely available to environment- and health-conscious consumers. All food products under the Áldomás brand name are marked with the Customer Friendly Quality seal, confirming compliance with its strict professional requirements. High nutritional value and a uniform and distinguished appearance position the products under the Áldomás community brand name as exclusive, premium quality food products that provide consumers with a real culinary experience.

Hungarian National Tradehouse

Hungarian enterprises offer high quality products and services in several industries with excellent value for money that are competitive globally as well. The aim of the Hungarian National Trading House is to support enterprises that are capable of exporting and finding adequate business partners on the international markets. Furthermore, we provide state guarantee to our partners in order to facilitate secure trade activities that are mutually beneficial for both parties. Recently, we have expanded our commercial presence to close to 40 countries on four continents.

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