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NORDWIK Selección, el helado gourmet para restaurantes

HELADOS NORDWIK presentará en Gourmet sus nuevos sabores de helado para restauración, helados gastronómicos como aceite de oliva, helados muy dulces como el TOCINO DE CIELO. También podrás degustar los clásicos Tarta de Whisky, crema catalana o nubes de azúcar...


ILUSIÓN is our main ingredient, we make an illusion in everything we do, from tradition we innovate, our obsession is to manufacture quality products from the best raw materials and the utmost care in the manufacturing process.

We combine the industrial with the artisan, we are able to get a great production of artisan form, generating details that only manually could be obtained.

NORDWIK ice cream has been bringing its products to the whole national territory since 1970, conquering the most famous and demanding palates, and the nostalgic ones who still remember the ice cream carts of our first ice cream masters.


NORDWIK Ice Cream has started its third research project funded by the INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT CENTER, in collaboration with large local and national companies, always looking to invent the future from the past. At the end of the ATENA project (2013-2015) "Olive oil and other healthy fats"

Technological applications for its transformation into products with high added value "we embarked on the CARMENTA (2015-2017) project" New technological innovation strategies aimed at the health and well-being of children and women "


NORDWIK ice cream counts since 2015 with the prestigious certificate of quality and food safety IFS granted by the audit SGS, detail of guarantee for customers and consumers. Thanks to this certificate we guarantee that all manufacturing processes comply with international manufacturing standards and allow us to be at the forefront.

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