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Final of the 8th GourmetQuesos / Integra2, The Best Spanish Cheese Championship 2017

  • Exhibitor: GRUPO GOURMETS
  • Sector: QUESOS
  • Date: Monday, April 24, 2017
  • Time: 11:00 AM - 14:00 PM
  • Pab: 8
  • Location: Gourmet Auditorium - 8E62

The best cheeses in Spain will be presented in the "GourmetQuesos: Artisan Cheeses" section, where cheese plays the starring role with an exhibition of more than 600 varieties.

The master cheesemaker, José Luis Martín, will once again oversee this specialized area, where we can find as many varieties of cheese as there are palates: cow’s cheeses, goat’s cheeses, ewe’s cheeses, shepherd’s cheeses, seasonal varieties, soft cheeses, natural mould rind cheeses, etc.

The next edition of Salón de Gourmets will provide the setting for the staging of the 8th GourmetQuesos, The Best Spanish Cheese Championship 2017, where the best Spanish cheeses will be recognized in 15 different categories depending on the milk employed, their texture and their hardness/softness, amongst other criteria. This competition will reward the cheesemakers’ originality and quality.

Visitors will be able to sample the cheeses and match them with wine, cava or champagne, discovering the main characteristics of Spain’s many varieties.

Out of the 605 cheeses that have been entered, below we detail the number of cheeses that have been registered in each category:

  • Category 1: Mild Cow’s Cheeses 282 registered
  • Category 2: Mature Cow’s Cheeses 27 registered
  • Category 3: Mild Goat’s Cheeses 56 registered
  • Category 4: Mature Goat’s Cheeses 67 registered
  • Category 5: Mixed Milk Cheeses 35 registered
  • Category 6: Soft Cheeses with Mould Rinds 44 registered
  • Category 7: Semi-Mature Ewe’s Cheeses 73 registered
  • Category 8: Mature Ewe’s Cheeses 78 registered
  • Category 9: Aged Ewe’s Cheeses 72 registered
  • Category 10: Soft Cheeses / Tortas Made with Plant-Based Rennet 18 registered
  • Category 11: Blue Cheeses 21 registered
  • Category 12: Lactic Cheeses 26 registered
  • Category 13: Smoked Cheeses 28 registered
  • Category 14: Organic Cheeses 10 registered
  • Category 15: Seasoned Cheeses 22 registered

If we classify the cheeses according to Spanish Region, we have the following results: Andalusia 68, Aragon 13, Asturias 16, the Balearic Islands 18, the Canary Islands 54, Cantabria 19, Castile-La Mancha 101, Castile-Leon 125, Catalonia 19, the Valencian Region 16, Extremadura 48, Galicia 20, La Rioja 6, Madrid 11, Murcia 10, Navarre 12, and the Basque Country 49. A total of 605 cheeses have been entered.

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