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San Pedro Manrique is 1,500 metres above sea level in the Alcarama mountain range and is known both for its religious and leisure activities (the traditional Walk through Fire on Midsummer’s Eve) and its well-made sausages and hams, which have been made and cured in this microclimate for years.   Embutidos La Hoguera started its first farm in 1975 and twelve years later, after establishing the correct basis, a company was created to make products which we can feel fully proud of.On our farms we raise autochthonous breeds and cross them with the most prestigious breeds on the market (Duroc, Large-White, Landrace). These crosses, known in porcine genetics as “hybrid strength”, reach higher levels of improvement than those expected of their genetic inheritance and so the animals are superior to thoroughbreds.The perfection of the breeds which we raise, balanced feeding and the animals’ productive capacity depend on the right selection process and make up the foundation for the final result which make Embutidos La Hoguera one of the most valued brands on the domestic market, at the same time as we are going into other markets, thanks to the good work of the last twelve years, with continuity and always looking for quality.  There are no secrets for making good products, only people from a land committed to a project. Old-fashioned, home-made, village know-how in an industrialised world can be obtained in many ways, but at La Hoguera we take care of our land and its surroundings, feed our own pigs slowly and naturally, and later dry our hams and sausages peacefully and calmly.   This is how good products – both those of former times and those of today – are made.   La Hoguera, a great brand committed to health and the future.   Natural   Our farms’ position, the drying process in our own installations, with technically advanced drying chambers looked after using the traditional system, Soria’s most appropriate climate and old-fashioned production methods mean that La Hoguera’s sausages and ham please the most demanding palates.
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