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Butifarra negra y butifarra del perol

Ideal butifarras to eat cooked (black) or fried (perol).

Black butifarra: dark maroon color, flavour slighly sweet with a pepper point.

Perol butifarra: the intensity of the spices and the meat smell give our dishes several flavours that move us to our childhood.

Embotits Salgot is a familiar company founded in 1928 when Antoni Salgot created a small charcuterie company which is still running as workroom for cooked and fresh products.  The cured product is elaborated in the curing rooms located in Plana de Vic.

The selection of the pigs' breed and the use of the most noble parts of the animal contribute to the excelent basis of our recipes.  We always work with everyday's fresh meat which we grind, paste and stuff in natural gut.  Thanks to the use of spices and condiments of high quality we are able to elaborate special and delicate recipes which show the personality in each product.

With our desire of improvement and of stepping further, we own an ecological farm located at the foot of the Natural Park of Montseny.  It is an innovative space, which makes the difference thanks to its principles and objectives: protect the environment, a bet on the future towards the quality of the charcuterie products and their elaboration, and the continuous innovation from the I+D department to overcome the quality levels that already characterise us.

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