Dehesa de Los Llanos is the proud producer of the World Champion Cheese in 2012 in the World Cheese awards (UK). Our farm, established in the XVII century, is a 10.000 Ha. state, we use 5.000 Ha. to grow mainly cereals, corn and many others vegetables and fruits.

To sum up our main facts are:

- We are cattle breeders, we have 5.000 Manchega sheeps, the 90% of the food they eat is grown in the farm.
- To produce the cheese, we only use raw milk fom our cattle, we don´t buy milk from anybody else.
- Our cheese has no aditives, we have removed the egg lysozime.
- It is the traditional Manchego, an artisanal cheese with made of raw milk natural rind.

Mazacruz wine
  • Brand name: Mazacruz
  • Sector: AGED RED WINE

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