Chocolates Marcos Tonda is a brand from Villajoyosa, the cradle of chocolate. Without losing a tradition started in 1793, we look for the highest quality in our products. The company was completely renovated, by opening the new and modern facilities in 2015. An excellent space where chocolate pervades. The shop has an exhibition area with our updated and wide variety of bars, cocoa powder, delicacies and couverture chocolate. A privileged space has been reserved to exhibit, as if it were a museum, the tools and utensils that were used to work cocoa and turn it into a treat for everyone. Treats that can be savoured in the tasting area with products within visitors' reach. The new facilities are a shop and a pleasure for chocolate lovers, as well as our logistic centre, where the product is stored and then served to the public with a wealth of detail. The brand is based on four essential pillars: quality product, tradition, proximity and close treatment to clients. For all these reasons, we work the raw ingredients with great care and in the most traditional way possible. Melting, cooling, mixing with nuts and other ingredients allowing to obtain unforgettable flavours. Always with a high cocoa percentage in such a way that the final consumer enjoys a healthy and recommendable chocolate. All in all, discover how Chocolates Marcos Tonda has turned tradition into art. Chocolates Marcos Tonda A brand's prestige guarantees quality.
Licor de Chocolates Marcos Tonda
  • Brand name: Chocolates Marcos Tonda
  • Sector: LIQOURS
  • New

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