HARVEST 2016Selected harvest.

Old vineyards.

Grapes has a maceration for extraction aromatic components for 8 hours to 7 ºC

Long fermentation about 14 º C and the wine stays with its lees.

Yellow straw colour with deep green reflections.Intense and varietal aromas on the nose with herby and balsamic hints aniseed base and complemented wuth bone fruits and citric touches doing a fres wine.

Tasty, aromatic and glyceric with a good entry. Fresh and elegant with a very good backbone.Complex, aniseed and persistent on the finish.

Strong, intense and frank on nose, with peach and apricot aromas with exotic fruits (pineapple) hints, aniseed and herbs over base.

Dry, tasted and balanced with a very good backbone in the mouthfeel. Ample, fruity and herby with nice characteristic verdejo bitter on the finish

We are a small-medium sized cellar based in Rueda (Valladolid) under the umbrella of the Denominación de Origen Rueda, known for its fine white wines produced from Verdejo grapes. We have a production of around 400k bottles and mainly focused on Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc, the key grapes in the area. Our production is based on our 30has of vineyard, what we have is what we produce. We have been established in the market since 1934, being one of the first cellars joining the D.O Rueda when established in 1980, owning and being up for visiting one of the few old cellars that remain from XV century in Rueda and a small hotel where we offer the possibility to have a real experience for wine lovers.   Our key brand is Viña Cimbrón (the brand comes after the name of our vineyard: it means in Spanish small slope) and we produce as well wines from Ribera del Duero under the Montenegro brand (Roble, Crianza and Reserva) made from Tempranillo grapes. With our range of wines, we try to look out for synergies in order to please the demand of those who look for completely different kind of wines, going our range from neat and fresh whites to red reserva´s with the right ageing and a lot of personality.

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