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Carlos Plaza, the winemaker and owner of the winery, has been making wine for about two decades. Not impressive enough unless you know that he is only 37 years old.   What should you expect of a 7 years old boy who doubts between playing football at the school courtyard, “which, believe me, I couldn't enjoy more”, or going to his father managed winery just to look how the guys there work. Eventually, the child would participate and even surprise the adults with his own ideas about winemaking. With this background, he could not dedicate his life to any thing else but winemaking. After having worked for wineries in Extremadura, Andalucia and Asturias and  taking care of the couple of hectareas of the family, he finally fullfils his dream of producing his own wines. in 2009.

Manuela Bayón, his wife, has been working in the wine business for seven years as the Export Manager of one of  the leading wineries of the area. Passionate about wines in general and about Carlos’ wines in particular decided to walk this way with him as he could not have better company.  

Both are looking to make honest wines, not pretencious, affordable both in taste and price.  

Carlos makes the wine and Manuela sells it. They cannot be more involved. In 6 years, they are exporting their wines to 20 countries all over the world.

Presentation of the winery and wine tasting
  • Sector: BEVERAGES
  • Type: Product launch

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