Pulpo Ahumado Pata 250g. aprox.

El pulpo

Benfumat incorpora a uno de los reyes de la gastronomía de nuestro país. El punto de humo y su justa cocción ofrece amplias posibilidades de preparación tanto en plato principal como tapas.

After 30 years, Benfumat has decided to present and share our delights to the world and we would like to become partners with companies who shares the same values we have: teamwork, integrity, Innovation, Commitment, unmatchable quality,…   We would like to become your preferred supplier of the best & finest quality in smoked fish: Salmon, Codfish, Tuna & Swordfish (and complementing that range of products with other gourmet specialties…)

It would be a pleasure for me to share and give all the extra information you could need from Benfumat.

Export Director: isaac soro +34 662 38 00 77 isoro@benfumat.com

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