Children's Workshops for Young Gourmets

The Children’s Workshops that are organized year after year at Salón de Gourmets seek to demonstrate the nutritional properties of different food products to school-children, together with the basic principles of a healthy diet. All this is achieved in a fun and entertaining way.

With this activity we focus entirely on children, the gourmets of tomorrow, so that they can familiarize themselves with all aspects relating to nutrition and health. In this respect, we have invited a number of schools to attend Salón de Gourmets between 10.00 am and 12.00 pm. During these activities, the children will have the opportunity to discover the world of food by touring various different thematic areas.

Here they will be able to observe the variety of foods that exist in a fun way, whilst also learning about those foods that should be eaten on a daily basis, the importance of the Mediterranean Diet, etc. A series of workshops will also be staged on aspects such as cheese-making, fish, how to make bread, and the extensive world of fruit and vegetables. These activities will be presented by professionals from the industry, who, in the most approachable way, will demonstrate just how important a healthy and balanced diet really is.

Throughout the four-day fair, more than 800 school-children between 8 and 12 years from the Madrid Region will get to know the properties and benefits of food, thus establishing the appropriate dietary patterns that are likely to be decisive throughout their lives.  Childhood is a key moment in which to acquire healthy habits and, since the very first edition of the Gourmets Senses Workshop in 2000, the fair’s organizers have sought to illustrate and promote the basic principles on which the Mediterranean Diet is based.</p>

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